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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Charleston County, SC

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A Comprehensive Functional Medicine Approach to Hormone Balance

Balancing your hormones is one of the first steps.  That is because your hormones are the supervisors of all of the functions of your cells. Hormone imbalances can accelerate aging and lead to:

  • low energy,
  • low libido,
  • vaginal dryness in women, erectile dysfunction in men
  • brain fog,
  • memory problems,
  • weight gain
  • insomnia,
  • headaches,
  • joint pain,
  • osteoporosis

There are many underlying reasons for hormone imbalance. Thyroid disorders often go undetected by mainstream medicine. That’s unfortunate, because when your thyroid is not working it can throw off your other hormones.  Your comprehensive lab tests include all of the thyroid and other tests required to get to the root cause of any thyroid imbalance.

What’s more, your endocrine system functions like a symphony.   In order for bioidentical hormones to be most effective, at the lowest dosages possible, your thyroid, as well as adrenal, ovarian/testicular and pituitary glands must also be functioning at their best.

Your comprehensive lab panel and initial consultation will allow Dr. Bauerschmidt to assess your level of functioning and determine if any additional testing and/or a program of strengthening your endocrine system is in order.  This will insure that you will get the best result with the lowest dosage of any hormones that you may require.

A DEEP Approach to Your Hormone Health

Thyroid replacement and bioidentical hormones can go a long way toward restoring your hormone levels and help you feel like yourself again.

That said, if the other reasons for your hormone imbalance are not addressed, you may find it hard to achieve and maintain hormone balance.

Stress is a major influencer! It can be in the form of emotional, nutritional or environmental stress. Even exercising too much can stress your system. Any of these stressors will affect the ability of your hormones to do their job.

That’s why Dr. Bauerschmidt will take a DEEPER Healing®  approach and look at your:

  • Dietary choices
  • Emotional Stress and lifestyle factors
  • Environmental exposure to toxins
  • Physical Activity and other lifestyle choices

Our goal is to Eliminate the bad influences and Rejuvenate you through the safest and most effective dosage of bioidentical hormone so that you can enjoy all of the health benefits.

It’s Not Just Your Hormone Levels, It’s How You Metabolize Them

Your body metabolizes hormones in several steps.  Each step can produce interim by-products that are more biologically active than the original compounds.  For both men and women, safely processing and detoxifying your hormones is essential to gaining the health and vitality benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy.

That’s where regular monitoring by a doctor with a detailed understanding of your endocrine function is important.  Dr. Bauerschmidt uses specific testing to make sure that your hormone levels and downstream metabolites are optimized to give you the best results and long-term protection.

Hormone Receptors, An Important Part of the Equation

The problem with synthetic hormones is that your body converts them into substances that bind to your hormone receptors at a rate that is 2-3 times that of your own hormones. The chemical structure of these substances is very different from the hormones that your body produces. Synthetic progestins tend to increase LDL (bad cholesterol) and decrease HDL (good cholesterol). The synthetic estrogens produce metabolites that increase inflammation, leading to hypertension, heart disease, strokes, blood clots, and cancer.

In contrast, bioidentical hormones bind to your hormone receptors as if they are your own hormones, like a key fits into a lock.  You are monitored so that the hormones are fine tuned for your individual needs. How much you need is based on your own hormone levels as well as how your body absorbs and metabolizes hormones.  Research shows that bioidentical hormones can help protect you from heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer.

Are Your Hormone Receptors Working?

To feel your best and get all of the health benefits of hormone balancing, it’s not just a matter of using hormones that fit your hormone receptors.  Your hormone receptors must to be available to receive the hormones.

There are many reasons that your hormone receptors can become blocked. Nutritional deficiencies or an excess of one of our other hormones can be responsible.

An increasing reason for receptor malfunction is the many hormone-mimicking toxins that we are all exposed to every day. These are man-made chemicals that mimic your hormones and can take up the space in your hormone receptors so that they are not available for your active hormones.

That’s where Dr. Bauerschmidt’s cleanse protocols, tailored to your specific needs, ensure that you get the best results with the safest dosage of hormones.

A Comprehensive Program Designed Just For You

Sweetgrass Healing offers packages that include all of the testing and monitoring as well as nutritional supplements required to optimize your hormone levels and get you feeling great again. Call the office to learn more.