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Healing at Sweetgrass

Please note that consultations for our wellness center services are not complimentary. Please call for additional details.

Feel and Look Great from the Inside-out

Sweetgrass Healing was created so that you can feel great in your body to compliment the services of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery and your terrific new look!  Our wellness strategies will help you maintain your new look and your vitality, from the inside-out, now and for the long term.

A Personalized Plan to Regain Your Health & Slow Down the Clock

Your health situation and goals are unique.  At Sweetgrass Healing, we don’t believe in a one size fits all treatment approach.  We offer a range of targeted, highly effective services that work synergistically. Dr. Bauerschmidt will work with you to design the treatment plan that best supports your health and wellness goals.

How it Works

  1. Bauerschmidt uses cutting edge testing and an extensive first appointment to develop your treatment plan.
  2. Using his DEEPER Healing® Method, Dr. Bauerschmidt prescribes treatment in the correct order, based upon your unique needs.
  3. You start innovative natural medical therapies to get you healthy and feeling well.
  4. *Follow your program and within weeks you will begin to feel energetic, while looking & feeling younger.
  5. Stay youthful and sharp with the latest oxygenating exercise and repairing technology that increases lymphatic flow and stimulates your growth hormone and stem cells.

Michael Bauerschmidt, MD’s proprietary DEEPER Healing® Method is the foundation of Sweetgrass Healing protocols.

Working with thousands of patients over the years, Dr. Bauerschmidt saw that there’s usually not one reason, but a combination of things that stress your body, drain your energy and set the stage for illness. These are:

Diet – What you eat, how you digest your foods and absorb their nutrients

Emotions – How much emotional stress is in your life and how you process it

Environmental Toxicants – Your current and past exposure to heavy metals and toxic chemicals

Physical Factors – Your hormone, exercise and activity levels; physical changes in your body that might have already started.  Clogged arteries are an example.

Elimination – Cleansing protocols help your body rid accumulated toxins

Regeneration – Giving your body the nutrients and oxygen it needs to rebuild, restore cellular metabolism and function at its best

The DEEPER Healing® process allows Dr. Bauerschmidt to assess & treat your health challenges in the right priority, for your unique needs.


Let Us Help YOU

Feel Great

At any age with Hormone and Anti-aging Regimens

Lose Weight

Reset your metabolism with our cleansing weight loss program

Stay Sharp

With the Brain Rejuvenation Program


Autoimmune, Chemical Sensitivity& Chronic Diseases


Leading edge programs and protocols to rid toxicants


With IV Nutrition